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January 14, 2010 [Press Release]
IIFF to announce the Elly Friedman grant to the University of Tampa, for a documentary on the Indian Film Industry.

Timing is everything. The University of Tampa's College of Arts and Letters received a gift grant from Elly Friedman for a documentary proposal by Assistant Professor Tom Garrett, on the Indian Film Industry, including “Bollywood” (The largest centers of film production in the world) This grant comes on the premiere of the first annual India International Film Festival of Tampa Bay.  

The Elly Friedman Grant for $20,000.00 will involve student engagement and international travel. The film will be produced and directed by Professor Garrett.   

Elly Friedman, a St Petersburg, FL and Asheville NC resident, filmmaker, artist, business woman and community engager has supported the arts through out her career.   

This gift will be announced when the Indo-US Chamber of Commerce proudly unveils the first annual India International Film Festival (IIFF) of Tampa Bay. The chamber's mission has always been to provide active forums for interaction, education and community involvement.   

Over 35,000 people of Indian origin call Tampa bay their home. It is one of the fastest growing demographic and contributes approximately 3 billion dollars in revenue through diverse business fields such as Healthcare, IT, Retail, Hospitality, Real Estate and Manufacturing.   

One field that plays a vital role in connecting this community and engaging others is films. India is one of the world's largest makers of films producing over a thousand films annually in several languages. These films are widely viewed and enjoyed in over 80 different markets worldwide.   

With the IIFF and the Elly Freidman documentary award, the hope is to bring the community and business together through this medium of film, while providing a platform for independent filmmakers to engage and educate.   

The India International Film Festival (IIFF) of Tampa Bay will take place between 22nd January 2010 and 24th January 2010 at Channelside Cinemas in Tampa. This three day festival will open with a main feature presentation and opening night gala, followed by a variety of feature films, short films, and documentaries from different genres. The details of the Elly Friedman grant will be announced at this time. 

The India International Film Festival (IIFF) full schedule of events and ticket sales are available at the website and other media outlets listed on the site. 

January 14, 2010 [From: Tampa Bay Business Journal]
Tampa introduces India International Film Festival

The first India International Film Festival will launch at Channelside Cinemas in Tampa on Jan. 22. The festival, planned as an annual event, is an initiative of the Indo-U.S. Chamber of Commerce.....Click here for the Full article

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