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Event Schedule

The Films 2015

All films will be screened at Muvico Centro Ybor, Tampa. Please note that this schedule is subject to changes and reflects the latest updates. Parking at the Muvico Centro Ybor is available via valet or you may park in the Parking Garage (entrance on 15th and 16th st)

06:30 pm
Red Carpet, VIP Reception, Dinner. Film festival opens with Film makers & Guests
08:00 pm
Formal inauguration and remarks.
08:30 pm
Opening Feature

Director & Writer: Shlok Sharma
Starring: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Sweta Tripathi
93 Mins | Hindi

Feature Film Followed by Q&A with Director


Innocent young love is put on a collision course with the messy reality of budding adulthood in Shlok Sharma’s unforgettable feature debut. Young student Kamal is infatuated with his 15-year-old classmate Sandhya, and together with his best friend Mintu devises countless imaginative schemes to win her affection. But Sandhya has a troubling infatuation of her own: she is carrying on an affair with her teacher, Shyam (another masterful performance by Nawazuddin Siddiqui). When the two young boys catch on to this illicit arrangement, events are set into motion that could lead to tragedy for all involved.

01:00 pm
Honeycomb Lodge
[Theater 1]
Feature Film

Director: Lesley Manning-Walker
93 Mins | English

The lodge is a living repository of whispered, unspoken secrets; witness to unspoken unheard traumas. It is a space for mutual healing; a catalyst for reconstructing messed up, mutilated life journeys. And ultimately a battlefront between power and powerlessness; a preparatory point for energizing, rejuvenating and realizing wasted vigils.

Be prepared - to be challenged, chain-sawed through a spiral of human tragedy and then as you gasp for a breath be timely resurrected by the magic of just one word. The one word – the inalienable, inevitable force of ‘hope’.

01:00 pm
Shorts and Documentary
[Theater 3]
Shorts and Documentary

Cotton Dreams
Director: Sandeep Rampal Balhara
15 Mins | Marathi/Hindi
The side effects of a growing economy and extensive use of biotechnology pushed Indian farmers into the world’s greatest agrarian crisis. CottonDreams delves into life of one such family and brings out a tragic tale of love, life and sacrifice under extreme living conditions in rural India.

The Rabbit 4The Rabbit
Director: Sudarshan Suresh
14 Mins | Bengali
A debt-ridden farmer struggles to keep afloat amidst mounting pressure from his lenders. When his young daughter decides to adopt a stray rabbit, the relationship between father and daughter is put to the test. What the child considers to be the loving companion she desperately needs, her father sees as an additional threat to the family’s meager existence

2015_selection_laurels_with_logoButter & Cheese
Director: Tashi Dhondup
14 Mins | Nepalese
A short documentary film about a nomadic family who live in the highlands of Sikkim, India. Shot at an altitude of 14,000 feet above sea level, close to India-Tibet border, the film captures the unique lifestyle of the yak herders

refugeesRefugees of Shangri-LA 
Director: Doria Bramante
56 Mins | Bhutanese/English
Bhutan’s international reputation preceeds it as the  Himalayan Kingdom of “Gross National Happiness”.

However, Bhutans exiles will tell you a different story; One of cultural persecution, loss of a beloved home, a twenty-year-wait in refugee camps and finally, a new chance in a new country.
In the past five years, 75,000 Bhutanese refugees have resettled to America and thousands more in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, The Netherlands, Denmark and so on…


03:00 pm
Short Film Segment 1
Theater 1
Short Film Segment 1

Director: Anish Dedhia
15 mins | English

Chypre focuses on a woman’s relationship problem with a hint of fragrance. How a middle class wife who is ignored by her husband finds herself interested in a fellow lady commuter , a mystery of growing silent rendezvous between two women.

Director: Tushar Tyagi
25 mins | English
While coping with unprecedented life choices as a prostitute, the will and courage of this woman are challenged in pursuit to escape her past. But will she escape the devil?

theftThe Theft
Director: Gauri Adelkar
21 Mins | English
Arjun and his mother Ira have just moved from the US to Mumbai. Pandu, is their new ‘servant’ and shy 8 year old Bhima is Pandu’s son.

One afternoon, a large sum of money goes missing from Ira’s home and a son’s loyalty to his father is put to te

2015_selection_laurels_with_logo10:30, Chalien School
Director: Ashish Naidu
27 mins | Hindi

A film on girl child education and school dropout in India.

Disha is an ordinary village girl with dreams like any other kid. Not only does she love her father unconditionally, but also her books and school. Life takes an unexpected turn when her Father and Bua decide to discontinue her education. Her fate is

03:00 pm
You Follow: A Search for One's Past
[Theater 3]
You Follow: A Search for One's Past

Director: Sharmila Ray
90 mins | English

You Follow is a documentary that unfolds into a story about resilience, adventure and identity. Join Nisha Grayson; an Indian born, American-adoptee, navigating an emotional journey to India in pursuit of her birth mother. Her experiences juxtapos

You Follow is life unscripted. It’s a novel without foreshadowing, holding surprises in every chapter, and connecting you to the characters and their choices.
You Follow reminds us that the pursuit of truth can take inquisitive minds down roads littered with obstacles. From challenges to triumphs, through laughter and tears, Nisha’s journey is a testament to character and determination.
There are always answers, whether we seek or accept them is what defines us.

05:00 pm
Teenkahon - Bengali Feature
[Theater 3]
Bengali Feature

Director: Bauddhayan Mukherji
120 Mins | Bengali

Teenkahon (Three Obsessions) is a triptych film in Bengali directed by debutant filmmaker Bauddhayan Mukherji.
Teenkahon traverses 100 years of life in Bengal and traces the changes in language, social structures as well as human emotion over the years. Each story is vignette of the period it is set in and looks at the populist trends of the time. Each story is linked b

05:15 pm
A Rainy Day - Marathi feature
[Theater 1]
Marathi Feature
A Rainy Day

Director: Rajendra Talak
90 mins | Marathi

‘A rainy day’ is a Marathi movie that explores the themes of trust, extra-sensory perception and corruption. The movie is directed by multiple national award winning director Rajendra Talak and sound design by Oscar winner Resul Pookkutty.

This film will be preceded by the short film - Kumpan - The Fence

kumpanKumpan - The Fence
Director: Swapnil Pagare
30 Mins | Marathi

Kumpan- The Fence is an invisible barrier every person built around oneself. This story is of frustrated unemployed helpless man and his emotions.

07:30 pm
Court- Marathi Feature
[Theater 1]

Director: Chaitanya Tamhane
106 Mins

Winner of top prizes at the Venice and Mumbai film festivals, Chaitanya Tamhane’s Court is a quietly devastating, absurdist portrait of injustice, caste prejudice, and venal politics in contemporary India. An elderly folk singer and grassroots organizer, dubbed the “people’s poet,” is arrested on a trumped-up charge of inciting a sewage worker to commit suicide. His trial is a ridiculous and harrowing display of institutional incompetence, with endless procedural delays, coached witnesses for the prosecution, and obsessive privileging of arcane colonial law over reason and mercy. What truly distinguishes Court, however, is Tamhane’s brilliant ensemble cast of professional and nonprofessional actors; his affecting mixture of comedy and tragedy; and his naturalist approach to his characters and to Indian society as a whole, rich with complexity and contradiction.

09:30 pm
Official After Party
[Aloft Tampa Downtown]
Official After Party

Join us at Aloft Tampa Downtown on Saturday Night!
Enjoy the night by the river, in the center of downtown!

100 W. Kennedy Blvd, Tampa FL 33602




01:00 pm
Untouchable: Children of God
[Theater 1]
Untouchable: Children of God

Director: Grant Knisely
60 mins
There is a disaster happening in humanity that needs to be stopped. In the brothels of India, young girls perish every day. Some die quickly from murder or suicide, others slowly from diseases like HIV/AIDS. The average age of a Nepali girl trafficke

2015_selection_laurels_with_logoCloth Paper Dreams
Director - Greg Davis/National Geographic Creative
12 mins | English
Journey to India’s Kumbh Mela, where every twelve years at the confluence of the three holiest rivers, untold millions converge to pray, commune and ultimately connect to something greater than themselves. Watch as the stories of three men from three different worlds are woven together. Follow one man on his pilgrimage of faith, another on his journey of devotion, and a third on his quest for purpose.      “This film captivates and educates.”  Maura Mulvihill Sr. VP National Geographic Creative


01:00 pm
Short Films Segment 2
[Theater 3]
Short Films Segment 2
The Agony of Inspiration

Director: Mohammed Alhiniah
12 Mins | English
Malik, an artist who’s having his last days of his life, seeks peace in his heart while confronting his past.


2015_selection_laurels_with_logoThe Brief-Case
Director: Vijay Adireddy
12 mins | English
On the night of their first anniversary, a couple celebrates, however, a briefcase gets caught in the middle.

Director: Senthil Kumar Arunagiri
9 mins | Tamil


Director: Anjani Pandey
14 mins | English
Story of a Stamp Collector.... He is Fixated..... How far will he go to get a rare stamp for his collection?

Director: Hemant Dinkar
9 mins | English
Life of a man in this mundane world and his realization of bliss...

03:00 pm
[Theater 1]
Feature Film

Director: Shlok Sharma
93 mins | Hindi

Innocent young love is put on a collision course with the messy reality of budding adulthood in Shlok Sharma’s unforgettable feature debut. Young student Kamal is infatuated with his 15-year-old classmate Sandhya, and together with his best friend Mintu devises countless imaginative schemes to win her affection. But Sandhya has a troubling infatuation of her own: she is carrying on an affair with her teacher, Shyam (another masterful performance by Nawazuddin Siddiqui). When the two young boys catch on to this illicit arrangement, events are set into motion that could lead to tragedy for all involved.

Shlok Sharma deftly alternates the tone of his film between lighthearted, youthful adventure and more sobering, truthful moments. Sharply aware of the fact that childhood longings rarely come to fruition, Sharma watches sympathetically as each of his four central characters stumble and falter in their attempts to hold onto a desire they’d be better off forgetting, while the audience braces for impact when the inevitable crash comes.

03:00 pm
Short Films Segment 3
[Theater 3]
Short Films Segment 3
Diwali Dream Garage

Director: Johnny Pik
16 mins | English
A 34-year-old oddball screw-up, has yet to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming the ultimate stuntman, and soon realizes that he must unlock his past that is holding him from the future.

2015_selection_laurels_with_logoFailure Groupies
Director: Mandira Chauhan
13 Mins | English
A comedy that follows a group of suburban post-9/11 tweens who set up a spy mission to get their temperamental teacher fired after they fail a group project.

2015_selection_laurels_with_logoSoftware from Hard Rocks
Director: Aashish Kumar
42 Mins | English
The filmmaker journeys back to India on the trail of reverse migrants from Silicon Valley and ends up in a fast growing technopolis in southern India. He documents his journey through the many layers of the city’s past and present. The resulting fil


05:00 pm
Short Films Segment 4
[Theater 1]
Short Films Segment 4

Director: Anuj Nijhawan
12 Mins

intcafenightINT . CAFE - NIGHT

Director: Adhiraj Bose
13 mins | Hindi
A  film exploring two stories set inside a cafe in Kolkata, India. Starring Naseeruddin Shah, Shernaz Patel, Naveen Kasturia and Shweta Basu Prasad.

Director: Pam Singh
27 mins | Hindi
A story about a young man who loses everything and reaches a stage where he finds himself in a world of fear. As he holds a kind heart he finds the key to breakout from there and then he starts a new life, a new beginning.

Director: Vijayeta Kumar
20 mins | Hindi
Shyam, a schoolteacher, loves his wife Roopa. But the newlyweds don’t get much time with each other as he must live alone in Meja, the village where he teaches. Roopa asks for little except his affection. But when asked, what she’d like as a gift,


07:00 pm
Closing Night Film - Saari Raat
[Theater 1]
Closing Night Feature

Directed by Aparna Sen
83 mins | Hindi
Konkona Sen Sharma
Rittwik Chakraborty
Anjan Dutt

A couple on vacation gets caught in a storm and seeks refuge in a stranger’s house. Through the long night, they face issues past and present, after which nothing can ever be the same. The film is Director Aparna Sen’s tribute to legendary Bengali playwright and theatre personality Badal Sircar.

The film SAARI RAAT is a part of ZEE's Peace Project which aims to bring together film makers, cultural exponents and thought leaders of both the neighboring nations of India and Pakistan on a single platform to facilitate an apolitical exchange environment of peace and harmony. This initiative is in line with Zee Entertainment's corporate brand philosophy of 'VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM' which means 'THE WORLD IS MY FAMILY.'

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