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A Gran Plan

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105 Minutes

A GRAN PLAN is a poignant film that explores the relationship between a 10 year old Eurasian boy from a broken home and a 68 year old Indian grandmother. They make the most unlikely of friends and yet, owing to their emotional state of minds, they come together in a shared space of sadness. When the grandmother realizes the deep guilt this young child is harboring, she puts aside her own sadness and fears and works at ensuring a happy story line for the child. In many ways this beautiful relationship becomes the perfect backdrop for the child to correct his sense of misplaced guilt. She thrives on it too, enjoying the freedom of being able to reveal to a stranger what she would hesitate to disclose to her family. When finally the grandmother brings together a father and a son, her sense of achievement is complete. But slowly, somewhere, this journey takes its toll on her.

A GRAN PLAN is set in Singapore but is a universal film that explores trust, friendship and faith.

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