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120 mins

The story of a mentor and his favorite disciple is spun around the background of the underworld of rooster fight, which is still prevalent in many parts of the world, especially in Tamilnadu the southern part of India, portraying the violence of this sport as well as those involved in it.

Petaikkaran and Rathnaswamy are archrivals in the world of rooster fight for nearly thirty years.  Rathnaswamy, a landlord and a police inspector, isn’t able to clinch a victory over Pettaikaran.  Petaikkaran over a dispute decides not to compete with Rathnaswamy ever. But Rathnaswamy decides to go to any extent to compete with him and win when his ailing mother on her deathbed asks for a victory over Petaikkaran.

Rathanswamy kills one of Petaikkaran’s associates Iyub in a road accident.  None of Petaikkaran’s men know about this ploy of his.  Rather they want to conduct a statewide rooster fight tournament in remembrance of Iyub as Rathnaswamy expected. He, being the local police inspector gives permission to the tournament on one condition –  Petaikkaran should accept to compete with him and the looser has to quit rooster fight.

The tournament commences.

Black the youngest among Petaikkaran’s mentees and his favorite goes against the words of the mentor by bringing a rooster into the arena, which the mentor had ordered to cull. Petaikkaran disowns Black in front of the whole fraternity of rooster fight fearing defeat.

Black ends up winning.

Not just one but three matches continuously.  He becomes a sensation over night.

Petaikkaran who had been the emperor of rooster fight for the past 3 decades, for the first time, is not the centre of attraction now. People predict Black to be the numero uno of the future and that tournament as the end of Petaikkaran’s monopoly over rooster fights and the beginning of the era of Black – the next Petaikkaran.

Black proves that prediction true by winning tournaments all around.

Petaikkaran feels he is neglected, left out and forgotten by those whom he himself created.  His survival becomes a problem. He is worried whether he could take care of his young wife. He sees Black as the root cause of all this.

A fatherly mentor turns into a cowardly betrayer, digging pits under the loving and trusting mentee.  Black looses everything that he holds close to him because of this. When he realises that his mentor is the cause for all his pain, he confronts him.

Petaikkaran, eaten by guilt, decides to do the unthinkable…

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