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Do Paise ki Dhoop, Chaar Aane ki Baarish

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Director/Writer: Deepti Naval
Producer: Kite Films
Starring: Manisha Koirala, Rajit Kapur, Sanaj Naval
Running time:118 mins


Juhi is an ageing prostitute who has a wheelchair bound son, Kaku, to take care of with the limited number of customers that now find her attractive. Debu, a not so successful lyricist, gets dumped by his boyfriend, and is out on streets. These characters, in need of money, in need of love, bump into each other, after which their lives take a similar direction. Their relationships, born out of mutual needs, change their perceptions about each other, which in turn brings a change in them, finally, a sunny day after days of merciless downpour.


  • Cannes Film Festival
  • 2009-Best Feature Film -The Indian Film Festival of Houston
  • 2010-Best Screenplay – The New York Indian Film Festival (MIAAC)
  • 2010-Best Actor – Rajit Kapoor at ImagineIndia film festival (2010)

Official Selection

  • The Indian Film Festival of Houston, 2009
  • Chicago South Asian Film Festival, 2010 (Opening film)
  • The New York Indian Film Festival (MIAAC), 2010
  • ImagineIndia Film Festival, Spain 2010
  • Seattle South Asian Film Festival, 2011
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