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Little Terrors

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Director: Maninder Chana

Samih was born in the United States. Raised in a strict household, his father takes a radical approach to raising his family, returning them to Afghanistan after years of living in Detroit. There Samih’s older brother Rasin becomes radicalized and kills himself in a suicide mission at a University. Forces that want the coo of having an American bomb the U.S. embassy in Delhi quickly recruit 13-year-old Samih.
Throughout his journey into jihad, Samih is mentored by several figures to follow his path, or abandon it. Among them is Zafar (Deep Dhillon) and Abdul-Wadood (Om Puri). A young rising star among the jihadists, Tarek (Aamrik Arjun) who is aiding them, now acts the part of the older brother ensuring Samih’s conversion. Together, they push Samih towards his suicide mission.

Things change and Samih begins to doubt himself when a captured American journalist Steve Winthrop, played by Daryl Dougherty, is brought to the camp. Their shared American background leads to an unexpected friendship in the remote Northern landscape of a training camp in Pakistan where they bond over things that are western and still relevant to Samih.

Samih, who has always had a challenge being understood and believes that his voice and sentiments are never heard, finds a sympathetic friend in Steve. On his part, Steve, despite being a captive, undertakes the dangerous task of trying to persuade his brainwashed young friend to thwart his mission.
Setting out on his mission, Samih is brought to Delhi where he stays with a Muslim family. The father in the family is only harboring him for money and doesn’t necessarily believe in the cause. When he sees something in Samih that he believes can save him, he begins to play a dangerous cat and mouse game to convince the boy not to go through with the task.

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