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Love, Lies and Seeta

Event Schedule > Love, Lies and Seeta

Director/Writer/Producer : Chandra Pemmaraju
Cinematographer : Lukasz Pruchnik
Editor : Kenneth Fabritius

Director Chandra Pemmaraju and Actor Arjun Gupta in attendance 

Its about a Girl, 3 Guys and a little thing called Love. Love, Lies and Seeta is love triangle set in New York City and Brooklyn with an Indian and American cast.

Love Lies and Seeta’ follows the lives of the male leads: “Rahul,” Arjun Gupta (Nurse Jackie), “Tom,” Michael Derek, and “Bhavuk,” Lavrenti Lopes, who have all independently met the beautiful “Seeta” Melanie Kannokada at different stages in their lives. As the three-men’s friendships grow, a chance encounter with Seeta makes them realize they all have fallen in love with the same woman. They reach-out to their friends outside the group to cope with falling in love with Seeta.

This tale of fun young romance shot beautifully by Lukasz Pruchnick, Writter Produced and Directed by Chandra Pemmaraju is filmed completely in Manhattan and Brooklyn NY with an ensemble Indian American Cast. Done in micro-budget but production standards on-par with international cinema, Love Lies and Seeta is the first of its kind in the effort to make a urban/hip/romantic comedy and entertainer in a extremely low budget that appeals to the current generation of movie goers or anyone who loves cinema. This Independent film has featured music of various independent artists from NewYork to Boston to Chennai. Robopop, Wired Beats, Tim Blane, La Dauphine, New Life Crisis are some of the bands featured in the film.

There will  be a Q&A session after the film. Dinner to follow.

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