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Love You to Death

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Director: Rafeeq Ellias
Producer: Chiman Savla
Starring: Yuki Ellias, Carl Sequeira, Leonid Kudryavtsev, Sheeba Chaddha, Suhasini Mulay, Sohrab Ardeshir
Running time: 105 mins

Love (and anarchy) in the time of globalization. Where ‘normal’ urban middle class people do things not quite normal: stage robberies, kidnaps, murders in the pursuit of ambition!

Love You To Death takes a wildly satirical view of a ‘spiritual’, superficial, dysfunctional family while holding a mirror to social upheaval in ‘shining’ India. It also touches on the obsession with ‘security’, coinciding with male insecurity and ‘missile failure’!!

Sonia, wealthy and carefree, is married to an ambitious but petty Atul. His mother loves violent video games, preserving newspaper clippings and using hand sanitizers.

Mother and son plot and conspire. Atul’s father is dominated by his wife, even as he loves poetry, wildlife and Sonia’s tarot card reader, Maya … in reverse order!

Sonia’s poodle, ‘Baby’, suffers from depression and anorexia. Both are ‘clients’ of Maya, who works her crystals and cards along with information from Sonia’s father in law, to manipulate Sonia.

Yuri, a Russian-Israeli arms dealer offers Atul an irresistible business opportunity. His pitch: “fear equals money and every terrorist is a brand ambassador for the business of security and defense.” Yuri’s son, Moshe, is a ‘peacenik’ who has come from Gaza to Goa in India, where the ‘grass’ is greener.

Meanwhile, Sonia meets John, a bicycle riding, aloe vera drinking eco-warrior who manufactures solar panels. She decides to invest her money and land in John’s project.

Atul and his mother become desperate. A series of murder attempts culminate in an art gallery opening … with a tragicomic denouncement!

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