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The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar

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Director: Ruchika Muchchala
Co-Director: Faiza Khan
Producer, Executive Producer: Hee Yah Ong

Running time: 59 mins

In the middle of a family wedding, documentary filmmaker, Ruchika is put on the spot as her aunts poke at her about ‘mission son-in-law’. As the pressure mounts, Ruchika narrates her story of going through with the arranged marriage process in modern-day India in this quirky and profoundly raw film. Since India is the home to 40 percent of the world’s marriages, of which 90 percent of these are arranged, ‘The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar’ is a film told through the Directors’ lens about issues of morality, sexuality, beauty and femininity and most identity of cosmopolitan Indian women today.

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