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87 Mins.

Sisters Sylvia, Sheila, and Sandy had idyllic childhoods: they grew up in a big house with a beautiful backyard and had servants waiting on them. But their luxury came at a cost: they had to beware the cobras, monkeys, and scorpions on their property. They were the children of American missionaries, J.T. and Ruth Seamands, living in South India.
Their family left India for America in 1960 and the sisters never returned. Until now.

In December 2010 the Seamands sisters made their first journey back to India in 50 years.  They knew that things had changed, but they are truly shocked by their findings. They visited three key cities from their past: Bangalore, where they lived briefly and their grandfather Tata Seamands is buried; Kodaikanal, a beautiful, remote hill station 6,700 feet up in the Palani Hills where they attended boarding school; and Belgaum, their hometown.

Sandy’s son Scott, a filmmaker, travels with them and documents the trip.

The documentary incorporates beautiful 8mm home movie footage and flashes between the past and present, showing the drastic changes that have taken place in India over the past half-century. Sylvia, Sheila, and Sandy re-discover their childhoods while Scott discovers the legacy of the Seamands family in India.

Their journey, both entertaining and emotional, proves that it’s never too late to go home.

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