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Your Own is Your Own

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Director: Anjay Nagpal
16 mins

Must immigrants forgo their roots when assimilating into American culture? How do children of mixed ethnicity preserve their unique identity? What are we learning about our society now that the U.S. Census allows respondents to claim themselves as being of more than one race? Your Own Is Your Own examines these American Sociological issues through the lens of one man’s journey to India to re-discover a lost portion of his heritage. Having failed to achieve the American dream and in suffering health, Madan Nagpal left his Polish wife and children behind and returned to his Indian homeland, where he died not one month later. Madan, an immigrant at the age of 45, was his family’s one tie to their Indian heritage, and Anjay, the youngest of Madan’s four children, has many unresolved memories of his father. Seventeen years later, Madan’s family does not speak of him or honor his memory. Now Anjay, a successful businessman, journeys to India to seek out any extended family and the details of Madan’s death in an effort to honor his father’s life and gain some insight into his own identity.

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